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GlobalCue Live


A professional, reliable and free-to-use remote cueing system over Ethernet and Internet that requires only an internet browser and stable internet connection. Compatible with CueEther Receiver, Sender and Wired Receiver for complete remote cueing over Ethernet.

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GlobalCue Live

A remote cueing system over Ethernet & Internet

Visit the GlobalCue Live site here



The Home Screen

A remote cueing system that only requires a browser.
The Home screen is where you create a new session or pick up and continue with an existing one.

GlobalCue Live 1

Technicians Screen

The Tech’s Screen is clear and simple. Input the presenter’s name and send them the link.
From here you can see all presenters and their cues.
You have a choice if you wish to see the presenter’s screen to check or to have a smaller Tech’s screen to pop out.

GlobalCue Live 2

The Technician’s Pop up
Simple and Clear indication

GlobalCue Live 3

The Presenters handset
Optimised to fit a mobile phone, this mimics our usual handsets and the cues are seen and heard to the technician controlling the show.

GlobalCue Live 4

More to come
We have been working on this for some time – We are still working on this. We will improve it based on your feedback. We know remote cueing with applications such as Zoom, Teams, and Skype has the ability to signal the control to create an action such as moving your slide forward and give the presenter freedom to concentrate on their presentation.
This program will continue to adapt and change to hopefully what you need!

This is free software – without any warranty whatsoever – the reliability is down to your internet connection A cookie is placed on your device(s) to say what session is associated with you. User data is not captured for anything.