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CueEther Receiver


Reliable, professional remote presenting device which gives distanced presenters the ability to control slideshows. Receives cues over Ethernet from our GlobalCue software via our free i2Bridge app for PCs. Single USB output to presentation computer.



CueEther-Receiver has been designed to work with our GlobalCue.Live free online software, using the PC app (we are working on MAC) of i2Bridge that works with the Browser Cue-Light application.

Your presenters can control directly their own slides from their remote locations. Each unit has a pair of Dip switches that can be configured( up to 4) for specific users.

The Technician’s control PC will run the online GlobalCue.Live and the i2Bridge. – i2Bridge will communicate with the online server and then send the data over your local network via a broadcast as UDP to the CueEther units plugged in to your computers.

Each CueEther will appear as a regular keyboard to your computer – so does not need an app running

More product information can be found here