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3-colour traffic light tower in a geometric design for visual cueing, compatible with the Filibuster and CountDown Touch controllers.



CBTL – CombiTriangleLamp in full, is the replacement to the Combi tower. The sleek geometric design allows for 360 degrees of viewing when mounted on a desk or wall.

CBTL is designed for presenters to give control over the length of time they talk in the clear, simple format of a traffic light. Green – Start the talk. Amber – Get ready to wrap-up. Red – Stop!

This display will work with the Filibuster and CountDown Touch controllers (it will work with the older Indicator2 controllers too). The display is daylight viewable for easy viewing in various environments, with a flexible design for mounting and storage.

– Daylight viewable
– Works with Filibuster and CDTouch
– Adjustable for storage and fitting.
– Robust
– 12V switching or RS232 control. (Combi)

More product information can be found here