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CDV with Ethernet


Converts output of CD Touch / Filibuster to a video signal, which can be transmitted to a monitor, screen or directly into video mix via HDMI connection. Optional Ethernet connection allows use over Ethernet with other Interspace timing systems. 1920 x 1080 as standard. Custom background image can be uploaded via USB stick. Compatible with…



The CountDown Video converts the output from a CD Touch or Filibuster to a video signal.

Using the connection from the DC controller, we provide a HDMI output so that you can apply this to a video mix or directly to a monitor. The optional Ethernet connection allows use over a network and use with other timing systems.

This version has 1920 x 1080 as standard.
A custom background can be uploaded via a flash drive to the unit for a corporate or personalised look to the display.

Main Features
– HDMI output, showing time selected
– Compatible with Irisdown (WIN) and Stagetimer2 (MAC)
– Ethernet in
– Direct connection to CDTouch and Filibuster
– Custom background and other settings

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