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BalBox Rack


Rack audio interfacing for control desks and rooms



BalBox Rack or “BbR” is a new adaptation of our balancing boxes and it allows us to fit any combination of up to four of the hum eliminators into a rack-mountable unit. The creation of the BbR was a direct result of a request from a customer who uses our units regularly and needs a practical solution for multiple units in the same place.

The BbR also gives the units a fixed location, making them easier to find when you need them. At 1U in height, the BbR will fit into most rack mount units, take up very little space and provide you with a simple but effective solution to your audio interface requirements. As every event is different, the BbR will be tailored to your requirements at the time of purchase – available combinations are listed below.

Main Features

– Configurable prior to purchase
– Up to 4 units in one enclosure
– Difficult to lose
– Rental Co, ease of tracking.


See individual PCBB and USB BalBox
Dimensions DxWxHmm (inch):
70 (2 3/4”) x 483 (19”) x 44 (1 3/4”)
Weight: 865g/ 31oz

More product information can be found here